Mukerjee Law Group is committed to actively and timely concluding its litigation cases. We enjoy countless referrals from attorneys and past clients from all over South Florida because our referring attorneys recognize and appreciate our integrity, attention to detail, skill, and case results. My satisfied clients have given me the biggest thanks by referring me their friends, family, and acquaintances.

We are able to accomplish this without losing focus of our ultimate goal which is to keep the client fully informed while providing the best legal representation possible. We have developed a loyal following of referral lawyers and law firms due to our efficiency and experience in handling our litigation caseload.

Mukerjee Law Group desires to create lasting referral partnerships with interested attorneys. Our firm always honors participation fees and does so in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

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Practice Areas

At the Mukerjee Law Group we specialize in all areas of personal injury law. Personal injury cases can fall under many categories including car or truck accidents, drunk driving accidents, motorcycle accidents, hit & run, nursing home abuse, slip and fall, dog bites, class action suits, and property claims to home or personal auto.

Personal Injury Protection

PIP allows for coverage in $10,000.00 in medical payments coverage, inclusive of lost wages, and mileage.

Auto Claims

Knowledge and expertise in how these components of insurance coverage are assessable to each victim of an accident is integral in obtaining the best settlement, and getting top dollar value for your individual claim.

Automobile Accidents

Every year countless number of individuals are seriously injured in motor vehicle and/or pedestrian accidents.

Premise Liability

When you slip, trip or fall on someone’s property, the law only provides a right to being compensated for your injury in certain circumstances.

Homeowner’s Claims

We have significant experience with homeowner claims, including the hurricane damage and other catastrophic claims which have become more commonplace in recent years.

Insurance Litigation

Insurance companies who refuse legitimate claims, suddenly deny coverage, or take an inordinate amount of time to pay a claim, may be liable for bad faith insurance practices.

If you have wrongfully injured by another party, do not delay in contacting
us so you may get the representation you need.