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Helping Families Recover After a Wrongful Death
It's a terrible, heart-wrenching life experience to lose a loved one in a preventable, negligently caused, fatal accident. As attorneys, it's regrettable that we have to meet many of our clients — with whom we often develop close, meaningful relationships — under such grief-ridden circumstances. You deserve compensation. Let us handle the legal side of your tragedy so that you can take this time to focus on what's most important in your life. To schedule a free consultation, call 800-785-0713 or contact us online today.

At Mukerjee Law Group in Coral Springs, Florida, Sisy Mukerjee will personally be involved with every case herself. Your vital litigation won't be handed down to an inexperienced associate, paralegal or secretary. We will be by your side throughout the entire process, fighting for your rights.

Areas of Practice - Wrongful DeathWho Can Receive Benefits in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?
Only "statutory beneficiaries" can receive damages in a wrongful death case. If the victim of the accident was an adult, then his or her surviving spouse and any children under 25 can receive benefits. If there is no surviving spouse, then children over the age of 25 can receive benefits as well. The victim's estate can also collect a certain amount of damages in a wrongful death suit.

For What Can I Recover Compensation?
No amount of money could ever replace the "value" of a loved one. The damages awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit are not meant to pay you back for the loss of a person. They are only meant to reimburse you for a few of the more quantifiable aspects of your loss, which include:

Wrongful death is always a traumatic experience for the surviving family, especially when loved ones suffer painful or horrific injuries. In the end, it doesn't matter whether your loved one died from trauma, blood loss or decapitation. We will be there to help you through.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss a fatal accident with Sisy Mukerjee at Mukerjee Law Group, call 800-785-0713 or contact us online today.