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Mukerjee Law Group - Premises Liability / Slip and FallWhen you slip, trip or fall on someone’s property, the law only provides a right to being compensated for your injury in certain circumstances. In fact, the law concerning this everyday occurrence of a fall is anything but clear and straightforward.

At Mukerjee Law Group, we have handled an amazing variety of this type of cases. We know how to prove that a dangerous condition existed and how to present the right kind of testimony to connect your specific injury to the condition leading to the fall. Most importantly, we let you know what you must do at the very beginning to best preserve your opportunity to be awarded the damages you deserve.

If you or someone you love one has suffered injuries due to the negligence of a property owner, store or occupant you should not bear the costs of your accident. The negligent property owner, store or occupant should pay those costs. We are here to help you make sure they do.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss a Premise Liability / Slip and Fall Case with Sisy Mukerjee at Mukerjee Law Group, call 800-785-0713 or contact us online today.